International School of Philosophy

Grado, Italy

The International School of Philosophy promotes inquiry into the grounding questions faced by philosophy. ISP proposes a summer school about the contemporary debate on ontology. The summer school takes place in the island of Grado, a historic town in north-east Italy.

The summer school in ontology was inaugurated in 2015 and hosted key figures of contemporary philosophy such as Giorgio Agamben, Francesco Berto, Ray Brassier, Marc De Kesel, Félix Duque, François Laruelle, Paul Livingston, Graham Priest, Sergei Prozorov, Claude Romano, Davide Tarizzo, and Alenka Zupančič.

Upcoming edition

Summer school in Ontology

26-31 August 2018, Grado (ITALY)

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Previous editions

In Grado, the participants – coming from all over the world (Europe, US, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Japan, and China) – enjoyed informal discussions with the speakers, while sharing atmospheric moments.


The creators and the directors of the school are Marco Piasentier and Andrea Soardo. The project is realised thanks to NOESI Cultural Association.

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